An Overview of Metlo
Metlo is a toolkit to discover and operationalize data.
  • Metric Store - Define your metrics in once place, and use them anywhere
  • Metric Health Checks - Get Slack alerts for changes in important metrics
  • Data Catalog - Search through and annotate all of your data assets
  • Data Quality Checks - Define table quality checks to make sure your data is clean
Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions!

Metric Store

Metlo's Metric store is the single source of truth repository to create, store, and query all your business metrics in a standardized way. You can build metrics with data in your warehouse, and query them wherever you want with SQL, our REST API, or our Python SDK. This makes sure that everyone in your organization gets the same, high quality data for every metric you care about.

Metric Health Checks

After you have defined a Metric you can set up Slack Alerts for metric changes by defining Metric Health Checks.

Data Catalog

You can search through all your data assets (from tables to dashboards) using Metlo. You can also annotate tables and columns by adding descriptions and tags.

Data Quality Checks

Define Data Quality Checks on tables to make sure the data you are using is clean and get notified when anything goes wrong!
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