Metlo collects aggregated usage data from self-hosted instances. We do this to analyze feature usage, plan our roadmap and handle billing. All the data we collect is anonymized and aggregated. Optionally, If you choose to give us your email to receive updates about Metlo it is also included.

What data does Metlo collect?

Here is an example of usage data that gets sent to our servers:

  "instanceUUID": "44aa04d0-fef6-45c0-b742-d0ba1b455c32",
  "email": "",
  "skippedEmail": true,
  "eventName": "instanceAggregatedStats",
  "data": {
    "numEndpoints": 127,
    "numHosts": 3,
    "openAlerts": 28,
    "openHighRiskAlerts": 5,
    "piiDataFields": 32

For the enterprise self-hosted version of Metlo your LICENSEKEY is also included in the payload

Can I disable all usage data collection?

To disable all usage data collection and have an air gapped instance you can set the environment variable DISABLE_LOGGING_STATS=true when starting Metlo.