Our cloud service is the fastest way to get started with Metlo. This guide walks you through making an account and connecting Metlo to your apps.

Metlo Cloud is the hosted version of the Metlo open-source tool. It always runs Metlo’s latest release and we manage any upgrades and migrations for you.

We recommend Metlo Cloud for almost all users as it scales to billions of requests per month and all upgrades and migrations are managed for you.

Self Hosting Metlo

If you need to self-host Metlo you can follow our guide here

1. Create an Account

You can sign up for our cloud service at for free right now (no credit card required). You can sign in with either your Google or Github account.

2. Make an API Key

Once your in, you can go to the settings page and make a new API key, keep this for later when we connect to an app.

3. Connect Metlo to your App

You can connect your app to Metlo using one of our connections. This should take less than 10 minutes!