Metlo supports capturing API traffic using AWS Traffic Mirroring. This VPC feature mirrors traffic from a specified network interface to Metlo.

There are some limitations on the type of instances that support mirroring. You can find more info here

1. Deploy a Metlo Mirroring Instance

2. Get AWS API Keys

To set up mirroring we need an API Key with the following permissions:

  • AmazonEC2FullAccess
  • AmazonVPCFullAccess

3. Instal Metlo’s CLI Tool

You can install metlo from npm by running the following:


npm i -g @metlo/cli
Be sure you are using Node 16 or higher.

4. Set up Traffic Mirroring

Metlo supports mirroring either Network Interfaces or EC2 Instances. To set up traffic mirroring run the following:

$ metlo traffic-mirror aws new
✔ Select your AWS region · us-west-2
✔ What type of source do you want to mirror? · instance
✔ Enter the id of your source · i-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Finding Source...
✔ Enter the id of your Metlo Mirroring Instance:  · i-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Creating Mirror Session...

Finding the network interface for a load balancer

You can find the network interface for your load balancer under Network & Security > Network Interfaces on the EC2 page in your console. Your load balancer’s name should be in the description column for your network interface.