Deploy to AWS

Create a New Instance

  1. Launch a new instance

  2. Select instance AMI

    • Everything has been tested on Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM) and Ubuntu 20.04
  3. Set Instance Type

    • Select at least a t2.large
  4. Network Settings

    • Allow SSH traffic
    • Allow traffic to port 8081
    • For security purposes do not allow HTTP/HTTPS traffic from the internet
  5. Configure Storage

    • Add at least 128 GB for the Root Volume
  6. Connect to your instance

chmod 400 $SSH_KEY
ssh -i $SSH_KEY [email protected]$INSTANCE_IP

Install Metlo

sudo wget -O
sudo chmod +x
sudo -E python init -q
sudo python start

Connect to Metlo

ssh -i $SSH_KEY -L 8000:localhost:8000 -N -f [email protected]$INSTANCE_IP